Used bikes for sale

August 2018

We currently have:

£500 TGA electric tricycle. It dates from 2002 but has hardly been used. Contact me to arrange a test ride as it’s not in the shop. Easily replaceable lead-acid batteries. Three speed Sturmey-Archer gears and a throttle for the centrally frame mount motor. Pix to follow.

£400 TGA electric bike. From 2002 but hardly used, throttle control and 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub gears and a frame mount central mounted rear drive motor. Pictures on here soon.

£900 Ex-dem EMU light blue electric bike step through frame and a British Racing Green cross bar model.. Originally these retailed at £1500, then the RRP was dropped to £999, these two are a steal at only £900 each and neither has done more than 100 miles.

£250 1998 BMX details to follow. £300 on ebay.

REDUCED from £600 to £500. Merida 905 road bike. Ultegra! large frame. Cost around £1700 new.

£200 1980’s Raleigh Road bike in stunning original black and gold paint and excellent condition. 501 frame and down tube shifter ready for your L’Eroica. New brake hoods, vintage style tyres and cloth bar tape.

£300 Eastway FB4.0 commuter/trail/road bike hybrid. Jack of all trades this one. It’ll pull a wheelie or cruise on the commute. SRAM gears, new 35mm Schwalbe tyres and smashing blue alloy pedals just fitted. Barely used and half original RRP of £600.

£600 Se7ern triathlon time trials CARBON FRAME bike. Small frame. Visit the shop for more details and a fitting.